Personal Training

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Once you have been given the all-clear at your 6- week post-partum check-up you can begin a structured exercise programme. My focus now is to assist you to drop unwanted body fat fast, strengthen your stomach muscles and lower back and improve your aerobic fitness.

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Nutrition is also vital when it comes to losing body fat and getting in shape. There needs to be a deficit between calories consumed and calories expended through exercise.

Each session is carefully planned according to how long ago you gave birth, whether or not you have diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals), and the postural changes that you may well have experienced due to pregnancy. Pilates and Swiss ball exercises will be incorporated into your bespoke sessions to help knit the abdominal muscles together again (if this is necessary), shorten the outer abdominals (which have been stretched in pregnancy), and strengthen postural muscles to help protect against back pain. Bite- sized chunks of exercise will also be prepared for you to do at home when your baby has a nap.These one-to-one, bespoke sessions are perfect for new mums who are serious about getting back into shape post-pregnancy and get you back into those pre-pregnancy jeans…

Babies are of course welcome in the sessions.

Price per 60 Minute Session


£45.00 (discounts available for block bookings)

Partner training



With regard to bookings, please note that although I do my very best to be flexible – and I really do understand that life can unexpectedly get in the way of your PT sessions – I would appreciate it if cancellations could be made as far ahead as possible. Cancellations on the day of the session will, unfortunately, have to be paid for. However, if your baby is unwell, 50% of the cost of the session will be carried over for you to use at a later date.

Every class or session with Geraldine will:

  • Helps overall wellbeing
  • Gets you back to your pre pregnancy weight quicker
  • Make you feel fitter and healthier
  • Improve your strength and well being
  • Make you smile!

Look Good, Feel Great...